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Xinyu Has Become a Hot Spot for Taiwan Investors  
Hui’an County in Fujian Province Attracts Taiwan Investors  
Taiwan Wei Chuan Foods Corporation to Enter Mainland Bakery Manufacture Market  
Taiwan Authorities Determined to Increase another NYD300b to Coordinate Fund Ra  
Xiamen Expanded Taiwan’s privately or Individually-Owned Businesses  
Wang Yi: Mainland will Support the Development of Taiwanese-invested Enterprise  
More than 60% of Foreign Businessmen Deemed Resumption of Cross-Straits Direct  
Taiwan Authority to Uplift Quota of Mainland Biz Personnel Going to Taiwan  
Taiwan Statistics: Investment of Taiwan Businessmen in Mainland from January to  
Taiwan Businessmen Invested USD355m in Chengdu from Jul. to Nov.  
Taiwan Beer Was Successively Registered Trade Mark in Mainland  
Taiwan’s Largest Optoelectronic Enterprise Invested USD60m in Xiamen  
Textile Industries across the Taiwan Straits to Join Hands to Fight against Fin  
Jiangsu to Strengthen Credit Loan Support to Foreign-Invested and Taiwan-Invest  
Cooperation between Sichuan and Taiwan Speeds up with Investment of Taiwan Busi  
Investment by Taiwan Businessmen in Yangzhou Broke through USD8b  
MOFCOM Released its Final Ruling on Expiry Review of Anti-dumping Investigation  
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