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Bank of China Signed with 12 Taiwanese Enterprises with Contractual Financing E  
Taiwan’s Largest Direct Marketing Enterprise Used the New Plant in Shanghai  
70% of Taiwanese People Agreed to Sign ECFA  
Nanchang Jiangxi Becomes the One of the Destinations for Investment from Hong K  
Jiangsu Publicizes 30 Measures to Support Development of Taiwanese-invested Ent  
Chiang Pin-kung Visits Taiwanese-invested Enterprises in Jiangsu  
Mainland Capital Allowed to Open Accounts in Taiwan Starting from May 4  
Taiwan Will Open up Nearly 100 Projects to Mainland’s Investment  
Fujian Manufacturing Sector Issues Purchasing List to Taiwan  
Taiwanese Enterprises are Optimistic about Mainland’s Domestic Market  
Chongqing Supports Scientific and Technological Innovation of Taiwanese-investe  
The Poll Shows that 60% Taiwanese Support the Signing of ECFA  
Taiwanese Investment Continuously Increases in Hunan  
Taiwan Affairs Office in State Council: Encouraging Taiwanese-invested Enterpri  
Taiwan-Funded Enterprises Top Tree among the Export of Suzhou  
Fujian Will Publish Preferential Policies to Attract the Settlement of Taiwan E  
Large Taiwan-funded Hospital Starts Construction in Guangdong  
Hainan Launches Measures to Assist Taiwan-funded Enterprises to Deal with Finan  
Taiwan Investment in Shanghai Maintains Steady Development  
Taiwan Relaxed Cross-Straits Remittance Restrictions and Cooperated Mainland Ca  
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