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Journalists see China’s impact on the world
2017/3/16 15:56:40 Source:chinadaily.com.cn

Editor’s note: Premier Li Keqiang’s news conference attracted a large number of reporters from overseas. Here is a sampling of what impressed them most and China issues they care most about.

Surat Preechatam, editor at China News Department of Thaiday Dot Com Co Ltd

“I’m interested in China’s Belt and Road Initiative, because it is a new project that China is pushing now and involves many countries around the world. I hope it will be a win-win project, not only bringing development for China, but also for the nations involved, including Thailand. It would be lucky to have an opportunity to ask the Premier a question. I still wanted to know more specifics about the Mekong region, because China also has lots of development projects there.”

Lyu Pin, reporter from Macao Asia Satellite Television

“I was most impressed that CNN was the first one to ask the Premier a question, which shows the great importance China has attached to relations with the United States. Meanwhile, I noticed that many more journalists from foreign media than before got the privilege to raise a question during today’s news conference, including those from Thailand, Singapore and France. It also demonstrates that the conference is opening its door wider to journalists from all over the world.”

Eric Baculinao, reporter from NBC News

“What I care most about is whether China’s economic miracle could last or not. Because the old development mode was fit for the past, and China is facing new situations, such as the rising of the middle class. What will China do under such circumstances? I was also impressed by the Chinese government’s emphasis on employment. It is of great importance for a country with 1.3 billion people.”

Wang Yunrong, reporter from South Africa-based China-Africa International News Agency 

“Premier Li Keqiang said he supported the European Union to stay together and be powerful, which is also what we’ll be happy to see, to avoid unilateralism.

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