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3rd China-Russia Expo Held in Yekaterinburg Russia
2016/7/21 15:14:00 Source:MOFCOM

On July 11-14, the 3rd China-Russia Expo was held in Yekaterinburg Russia. On July 13, the Vice Premier of the State Council, Chinese Chairman of the Committee of the Regular Meeting of China-Russia Premiers Wang Yang jointly attended this expo with the Vice Premier of Russia and Russian Chairman of the Committee Rogozin and communicated with the representatives of relevant local areas and enterprises of the two countries. The Representative of the MOFCOM International Trade Negotiation and Vice Minister Zhong Shan accompanied the Chairman to attend the above activity.

The China-Russia Expo was jointly held by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the people's government of Heiloengjiang province, the Russia Ministry of Economic Development and the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade. It has been successfully held twice since 2014. It was the first time that the Expo was held in Russia.

The total exhibition area of this China-Russia Expo was about 10, 000 square meters. Among these, the Chinese exhibition area was about 8,500 square meters, covering seven fields such as equipment manufacturing and scientific innovation, daily consumption, resource exploitation, agriculture and forestry, engineering technology and investment, medicine and financial cultural tourism. This Expo attracted 244 domestic merchants from 16 provinces, areas and cities to participate in the exhibition. There were 9 federal ministries, more than 50 states and regions and hundreds of enterprises from Russia taking part in this Expo.

During the Expo, China and Russia jointly held 15 major business activities, referring to many fields such as trade promotion, resource development, e-commerce, electrical innovation, customs, computation, tourism, youth communication and cadastral surveying, etc.

In recent years, the China-Russia trade and economic relationship has enjoyed a rapid development. In this January-June, the China-Russia trade volume reached US$31.72 billion, with an increase of 1.8% year on year. The China-Russia Expo has become an important platform to strengthen the China-Russia trade and economic relationship and to promote the cooperation between regions and business circles. The 4th China-Russia Expo will be held in Harbin in 2017.

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