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wal-mart sells concepts of sustainability during cifit
2010/9/8 0:00:00 Source:

xiamen - wal-mart is to establish a 300-sq-m exhibition area at the china international fair for investment and trade (cifit) to showcase its experience and practices in sustainable development, energy conservation and environmental protection.

this is the first time that wal-mart is focusing much on cifit, which opens on wednesday.

"wal-mart is confident of xiamen's future and its strategic importance," said christina lee, senior public relations director of wal-mart china. "wal-mart is to demonstrate its brand image and share its global business experience with more chinese enterprises through this fair."

wal-mart has 12 shopping plazas and one sam's club in fujian province, providing more than 4,000 jobs. wal-mart will introduce low-carbon concepts to its malls in xiamen.

xiamen is also actively exploring the low-carbon development model for local conditions, which is compatible with wal-mart's strategies. wal-mart saves energy by promoting energy-saving led lamps and cabinet freezers, waste heat recovery units and turning off some lights during non-peak hours.

"we are planning to cooperate with 200 top suppliers from china to improve the energy efficiency by 20 percent," lee said. "up to the end of 2015, wal-mart is going to reduce 20 million tons of greenhouse gases."

wal-mart's plans agree with the chinese governments' targets in environment, society and energy resource fields. building energy saving and environmentally friendly marketplaces is the core part of wal-mart's sustainable initiatives, lee said.

"the energy saving shops, by the end of 2010, should save at least half of the water they consumed in 2005. greenhouse gas emissions of some shops should drop by 20 percent by 2013 in contrast with that of the normal shops in 2005."

by using power saving led lights, cabinet freezers, waste heat recovery units and turning off some lights and water taps at non-peak hours, wal-mart china has in the first quarter of this year increased power efficiency by 38.6 percent, reduced water consumption by 44.5 percent and reduced greenhouse gases by 6.1 percent over the same period in 2005.

selling environmentally friendly commodities is another crucial component of wal-mart green ambitions. for example, its partner farm program has since 2007 been helping farmers improve their adaptabilities to markets and guiding their standardized mass production in an environmentally friendly way.

this not only helps farmers increase their incomes, but also provides chinese consumers with fresh, safe, tasty and healthy foods.

lee said wal-mart has built 46 partner farms of 347,000 mu (23,133 hectares) in 15 provinces, benefiting 479,000 farmers. "our objective is to build our partner farms to 1 million farmers by the end of 2011," she said.

"one third of our fruit and vegetable supplies will come from our partner farms."

the company has also organized a domestic marketing tutorship program for export enterprises and helped them explore domestic markets.

lee said the program is being carried out in guangdong, zhejiang, jiangsu and some other regions with developed export industries.

"thanks to this program, more than 1,000 export enterprises have benefited," she said. "products from more than 60 enterprises are on the shelves of wal-mart, bringing in more than 50 million yuan ($7.35 million) in sales a year."

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