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wal-mart china president in dialogue with 16 mayors of star cities
2010/9/8 0:00:00 Source:

three parties converged yesterday afternoon for a dialogue themed on “sustainable development”.  the china president of wal-mart, a fortune 500 company, renowned economists, and 16 mayors from six provinces and a city in china met face to face. the mayors promoted their cities to the president of wal-mart china, competing to invite him to explore their cities.

it was the first attempt for the cifit organizing committee to host a high-level forum of “entrepreneurs, scholars and officials”, which turned out to be a success as the enthusiasm indicates yesterday.

the mayors are from mid-west china, including jinzhou, shi jiazhuang, lanzhou, guizhou, anshan and wanzhou, which are of vital importance for the economic development of china.

during yesterday’s dialogue, the mayors “showed” the charm of their cities enthusiastically to chen yaochang, president and ceo of wal-mart china, calling ardently for wal-mart’s investment.

the dialogue began with the speech of a mayor from guizhou province, who started by promoting the forests, hydropower, electricity generation and climate of his city. putting a great emphasis on the ecological resources, he expressed his eagerness to cooperate with wal-mart by constructing the base for it.

on the other hand, wang yaoquan, deputy mayor of zhangzhou, invited wal-mart to build up a procurement, logistics and distribution center in his city. walmart has established a direct procurement base of pomelo in pinghe, zhangzhou city, and zhangzhou is looking for a step forward in its sustainable cooperation with wal-mart.

as a fortune 500 company, according to the mayors, wal-mart could generate more job opportunities and stimulate industrial development, thus could improve the quality of the city.
focusing on the theme of “sustainable development, the choice of china’s urbanization”, chen yaoming shared with other guests the experience in sustainable development of wal-mart in recent years.

wal-mart has been devoting its network planning on the exploration in subordinate cities, according to chen yaochang. taking a branch in pujiang county of zhejiang province as an example, chen said wal-mart will diversify its outlets, and its network planning will be more flexible as well.

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