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The 12th China Beijing International High -Tech Expo to Be Held in May
2009/4/22 0:00:00 Source:invest in china

The 12th China Beijing International High-Tech Expo (CHITEC) jointly sponsored by the Ministries of Science and Technology, Commerce, Education, Industry and Information Technology, CCPIT, the State Intellectual Property Office and Beijing Municipal Government will be held on May 19-24 in Beijing.


I. Overall arrangements

The 12th CHIEC is a large grand meeting for international scientific and trade and economic exchange to be held in the situation where China adopts a series of policies and measures promoting economic growth, including expansion of domestic demand, so as to exert full strength to maintain economic stable and fast development amid the global economic downturn due to the international financial crisis, as well as the largest national scientific exhibition on the eve of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. The 12th CHITEC themed as "scientific innovation guiding development" will display the remarkable achievements in scientific innovation and especially independent innovation in multi-dimension, multi-level and multi-perspective form over the past 60 years since the founding of new China; show the supporting role of scientific innovation in building the innovative country, fighting against the international financial crisis, expanding domestic demand and maintaining growth; show the achievements and development space made by all provinces, prefectures and municipalities across China by relying on scientific strength in accelerating economic structural adjustment and facilitating the upgrading of industries. The 12th CHITEC will further integrate innovative resources, assemble business opportunities of cooperation, make efforts to promote investment transactions, promote industrial reviving, and fully build the service platform for coping with the financial crisis and promoting the development of scientific industry.


The 12th CHITEC will hold a theme report meeting in the Great Hall of the People on May 19 to kick off the Science Exhibition. On May 20-24, a high and new technology fair with an area of 60,000 square meters, 9 negotiation recommendation and introduction meetings and 5 special forums will be fully carried out at more than 20 exhibition venues across Beijing, including:


The fair, the core of the 12th CHITEC, includes No. 1- 8 exhibition halls in China International Exhibition Center, consisting of five special exhibitions, consumer electronics and information technology show, automobile science and technology show, circular economy and energy conservation and emission reduction show, new media technology and advertisement equipment show and modern agricultural and rural science and technology achievements show, as well as five comprehensive exhibitions, Beijing scientific achievements show for the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, Zhongguancun independent innovation achievements show, scientific achievements show of provinces, prefectures and cities, achievements show of scientific and technological industrial parks and interaction show for scientific and technological works of young students.


Forum meetings arrange the content of activities by focusing on such hot spot issues in the national economic and scientific development as positively fighting against the international financial crisis, expanding domestic demand, maintaining growth and promoting development in an effort to highlight ideological content, forward looking and orientation. Major activities include: International Forum on Development of China High-Tech Enterprises, China Financial Summit, China Circular Economic Development Forum, China Energy Strategy Forum and Scientific Innovation and City Management Forum.


The activities of negotiation and introduction focus on combination of Chinese economic development and the actual demand of enterprises for expansion of international market and 9 activities are arranged accordingly as follows: International Investment Project Meeting, Briefing on Overseas Investment Environment for Chinese Enterprises, Introduction Meeting Themed as "Share Business opportunities of London Olympics", the Recommendation and Introduction Meeting for Scientific Achievements Promotion and Commercial Projects Cooperation, 2009 China International Industrial Saving-Energy and Emission Reduction Scientific Innovation Conference, the Recommendation and Introduction Meeting of the US Government for Procurement Projects, International Scientific Projects Exchange Fair for Chinese Students and Scholars Studying Abroad and Job Fair and Job Fair Online of the 12th CHITEC.


II. Main features


The international financial crisis commenced to impact the global economy at the time when the preparatory work for the 12th CHITEC is being made. The international and domestic economic situations have imposed great impact on the 12th CHITEC: the work of attracting investment and exhibition and invitation of foreign guests and delegations and groups of the 12th CHITEC faces the first-ever pressure. In the face of these challenges, the office of the organizing committee adopts positive corresponding measures, innovates the content of activities, improves the specialization level and the internationalization degree of the 12th CHITEC, expands service areas and exerts full strength to build the service platform for fighting against the financial crisis. The 12th CHITEC is of the following four characteristics:


(I) Focus on the theme to cope with the crisis


Closely focus on the theme of "scientific innovation leads development", concentrate on the main line of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, highlight the remarkable achievements in Chinese scientific development and especially independent innovation and present the forerunner role of high technology in leading economic development. Zhongguancun will take advantage of being the first national independent innovation pilot zone of China, focusing on the theme of "science and technology maintains growth and innovation promotes development", to concentrate on introduction of policy environment and development strategy and display a batch of international-leading scientific achievements. Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission will hold Beijing scientific innovation achievement exhibition for the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China in a bid to display remarkable achievements gained by Beijing Municipality through independent innovation in such aspects as science and technology promoting economic growth, social development, the improvement of the people's livelihood and the construction of innovation environment as well as the path of glory of the development of Beijing municipal science and technology over the past 60 years since the founding of the new China. Focusing on coping with the international financial crisis, target-oriented annual topics are set up in the sections of thematic report meetings and forum meetings. The thematic report meetings will invite high-ranking officials of international organizations and two winners of Nobel Prize for Economics to deliver speeches mainly focusing on scientific advance and commercial cycle, the actual effect of government intervening financial crisis as well as technical innovation and growth of medium and small-sized enterprises. And the forum activities will also discuss the development of high-tech industries from different visual angles and levels amid the financial crisis. "China Finance Summit" will concentrate on financial innovation and security and mainly probe such topics as the impact of the financial crisis on Chinese financial industry, high-tech enterprises' listing trend and strategy, private equity investment and regional financial ecological construction. "International Forum on Development of China High-Tech Enterprises" will discuss the topics including enterprise accountability, strengthening independent innovation ability of enterprises and technical reform of high-tech enterprises amid the financial crisis. Focusing on promoting the industrialization of scientific achievements, negotiation activities of economy and trade will fully stress the combination of science and technology and industries from the understanding of industrial policies to the cooperation of commercial projects, from publicizing foreign procurement policies through introduction to participating in foreign material procurement, and from the release of policies attracting investment of provinces and cities to organizing signing of major scientific projects, in an effort to build a practical service platform for transfer and transaction of scientific achievements. China will adhere to the road for intensive development, fully present the principle of thrift, profession and smartness in holding the Expo, reduce some inessential links in the aspects such as content design, and arrangement and reception of activities as much as possible and mainly focus attention on the badly-needed activities and links for market and industry development.


(II) Strength innovation in a bid to gain practical effect


The innovation will be further strengthened in the preparatory work for the 12th CHITEC to highlight actual effect. Firstly, innovation in content and form will be strengthened. New subjects and content are all incorporated into five forum meetings. "China Energy Strategy Summit" will also invite oil equipment procurement groups from Russia and Iran to participate to conduct exchange and negotiation with Chinese enterprises in demand for purchasing oil material equipment while researching and discussing such hot spot issues including international oil price fluctuation and energy strategy, low carbon economy and structural adjustment, and clean power and coordinated development. "China Circular Economic Development Forum" will focus on research and discussion on such topics as construction of ecological civilization, energy conservation and emission reduction industrial promotion strategy, "green transportation" and urban development, and urban environmental afforestation and pollution emission control. Economic and trade negotiation activities are innovated in such links as projects collection and introduction, investment environment explanation and negotiation transactions. With respect to the layout of the general activities, interactions will be further strengthened in exhibitions, forums, negotiations, virtual exhibition halls online and thematic report meetings, which will be closely connected through the theme of "scientific innovation leads development", thus forming the activity system of mutual interactions and echoes. Secondly, based on the actual situation, stress practical results. "China Circular Economic Development Forum" will organize the release and negotiation transactions activities of major scientific investment projects activities of central ministries and commissions, enterprises, universities and colleges in Beijing and utilize the effect of the 12th CHITEC platform to promote the industrialization of major scientific achievements. "China Circular Economic Development Forum" will, by helping enterprises understand policies, strengthen the intermediary service of overseas investment for enterprises and grasp hot spots to provide business opportunities for enterprises expanding international market to fully promote the competitive high-tech enterprises to go abroad to provide service for enterprises expanding international market in an all-round way. The thematic introduction meeting of "Share Business Opportunities of London Olympics" will invite London Development Agency and Think London to in detail introduce trade investment opportunities, rules of attracting investment, bid procedures and specific methods of participation of London Olympics to promote Chinese enterprises to participate in the bid of material procurement for London Olympics and boost Beijing Olympics scientific achievements to advance toward international market. "Introduction Meeting of the US Government for Procurement Projects" is themed as "approach to the procurement market of the US government and display Chinese brands" and inviting the US Government Federation Procurement Administration to introduce the policies, procedures and main channel of the US government procurement to build the platform for Chinese enterprises to participate in international competition. "Introduction for Scientific Achievements Promotion and Commercial Projects Cooperation" will conduct consultation, introduction and negotiation for projects in the key areas of the national scientific achievements industrialization based on ten big China's industry prospering plan and invite famed experts to explain the operation practices for establishment of scientific projects and application for the national supporting capital.


(III) Integrate resources to form resultant force


Various preparatory work of the 12th CHITEC has been strongly supported by sponsors, which lays a strong foundation of organization for ensuring national standard and level of activities. Integrating the resource advantages of central sponsoring ministries and commissions and Beijing municipality and forming the systemic resultant force is another distinctive characteristic of the 12th CHITEC, which freely provides exhibition positions for sponsors for the first time and invite and organize enterprises to participate in exhibitions. The Ministries of Science and Technology and Industry and Information Technology mainly recommend and organize relevant scientific enterprises and projects in the areas of national latest major scientific achievements projects and energy conservation and emission reduction to participate in exhibition to collectively display major achievements in the aspect of Chinese scientific innovation. The Ministry of Commerce will organize part of new media and e-commerce enterprises to participate in the exhibitions of the 12th CHITEC, with an area of nearly 1000 sqm. China International Trade Promotion Committee will organize the content including law, arbitration and other international trade law service to participate in exhibitions. The Ministry of Education and the State Intellectual Property Office also participate in related activities at different levels. The substantive participation of sponsors gradually enriches the content of activities of the 12th CHITEC and also lays a foundation of expanding influence of the 12th CHITEC and building international brands.


(IV) Build the platform to do well in service


The preparatory and organization work of the 12th CHITEC pays attention to further doing well in service and reception work for participation of brother provinces and cities. The office of the organizing committee further strengthen the work of official website of the 12th CHITEC in special zones in provinces and cities and make organic combination of policies and measures, development environment, propaganda of key projects of provinces and cities and activities of participating in the 12th CHITEC to fully facilitate various provinces and cities to carry out investment solicitation and economic and technical exchange and cooperation. The office continuously provides various provinces and cities places for negotiation and introduction and signing activities, and make target-oriented coordination to do well in the work of early project matchmaking and merchants invitation to provide convenient service for various provinces and cities to publicize scientific policies and measures and encourage the innovative development environment. Hunan province will organize industrial contract and industrial park introduction conferences and more than 10 provinces and cities including Guangxi, Tibet and Qinghai will organize introduction activities at different levels. Meanwhile, in accordance with the requirements of constructing "humane Beijing, scientific Beijing and green Beijing" and the planning on promoting Beijing municipal six big key industries prospering, the 12th CHITEC focuses on strengthening service for Beijing municipality, prefectures and counties and enterprises, and scientific innovation improving modern urban management level and facilitating the development of high-end industry. Among them, "Scientific Innovation and City Management Forum" will be themed as urban scientific management in the urban-rural integration, centering on such topics as exploration and practice in the innovative 2.0 mode, public management innovation in the process of urbanization, and urban management technical progress as well as application innovation in the urban-rural integration to conduct research and discussion.


III. Progress of preparatory work


In spite of adverse impact of the financial crisis, the current preparatory work for the 12th CHITEC goes on smoothly through joint efforts of various parties. Up to now, there have been 27 overseas distinguished guests including winners of the Nobel Prize, responsible persons of international organizations, officials, experts and scholars who have confirmed and intentions to Beijing to participate in the 12th CHITEC, including the winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2004 Edward C. Prescott, the winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2007 Eric S. Maskin, Deputy Secretary-General of Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development Pierre Carol Pardoan, chairman of International Eco-Safety Cooperative Organization and the former minister of Norway Health Ministry Werner Chrisyati, and Secretary-General of Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Dai Shao’an. A total of 18 embassies and agencies of ECMA in China from 16 countries including Office of Vienna Municipal Government in Hong Kong, Representative Office of the US Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development in China, Beijing Representative Office of London Development Agency and Alsace Region of France Development Agency are confirmed to participate in exhibitions. At present, more than 20 provinces, prefectures and cities have been confirmed to organize delegations to participate in the 12th CHITEC, among which 20 provinces, prefectures, cities and separately planning cities have been confirmed to organize delegations to participate in exhibitions. Among the enterprises that have enrolled to participate in exhibitions, world-famous multinational companies including Nokia, GE, ABB and Schneider Electric will participate in exhibitions; a batch of major domestic high-tech enterprises such as HiSense, Changhong, Lenovo, BOE, Capital Steel Group and Beijing VR Vision-Tech Co., Ltd. will display their scientific achievements of proprietary intellectual property rights. The time, theme, agenda for forums of the 12th CHITEC have been basically confirmed and the specific implementation of speechmakers is on the way. The collection of scientific and economic and trade projects from provinces and municipalities in the 12th CHITEC have been fully carried out and a total of more than 2000 projects were collected with transactions projects including transfer, industrial cooperation, technology export and international bilateral and multilateral economic and technical cooperation of key developing high-tech achievements of the state and provinces and municipalities during the "11th Five -Year" period.


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