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Press Conference of the 105th Guangzhou Trade Fair
2009/4/22 0:00:00 Source:invest in china

The 105th China Import and Export Fair (CIEF) will be held from April 15 to May 7, 2009 in Pazhou Complex of China Import and Export Fair. On the morning of April 14, 2009, the spokesman Mu Xinhai introduced the basic situation of this CIEF to the media that attended the press conference. And Wen Zhongliang, Deputy Director-General of Foreign Trade Dept of MOFCOM and Director of Business Office of CIEF, also attended the conference.

Mu Xinhai said that as an important platform for international trade and a main channel for China’s export, CIEF would actively respond to the challenges brought by the international financial crisis, implement the government’s decisions in stabilizing foreign trade and maintaining steady economic growth, strengthen the function of exhibitions, make full use of the advantages, enhance the level of service, create a conducive environment for negotiation and cooperation of the participants, and tide over the hard time with Chinese and foreign enterprises.

He introduced that this CIEF would still be held in three phases, with 55, 885 booths, increasing 265 booths compared with the 104th CIEF. The total exhibition area reached 1.125m square meters. There were 22, 104 foreign enterprises attending the exhibition.

The export exhibition section includes 15 categories of commodities and 50 professional exhibition areas. There are 55272 exhibition seats with total area of 1.11mn sqm. And there are 21,709 Chinese enterprises attending the exhibition, with 7,669 in the first phase, 6,470 in the second and 7,570 in the third. In the relevant unchanged total exhibition area, the average exhibition area of the enterprises has increased.

Under classification of the types of enterprises, there are 11,310 manufacturing enterprises, 8,051 foreign trade enterprises, 2,172 industry and trade enterprises and 159 other enterprises participate in the exhibition, accounting for 52%, 37%, 10% and 1% respectively; 17 scientific research institutes also attend this CIEF.

Under the classification of enterprises property, 12,960 private enterprises, 4,290 foreign-invested enterprises, 2,341 state-owned enterprises, 377 collective enterprises and 1,741 other enterprises attend the exhibition, accounting for 60%, 20%, 11%, 2% and 8% respectively.

The brand booths maintain the previous scale, with booth number of 9,936, accounting for 17.98% of the total booths. There are 1,324 enterprises entering the brand exhibition area.

The import exhibition section moved from 4.2 and 5.2 exhibition halls of Section A to 9.3 and 10.3 exhibition halls of Section B, with exhibition area of 15,000 square meters, which remains the same as the previous year, and 613 standard booths is set up. And 395 enterprises from 36 countries and regions attend the exhibition, including nine enterprises of the four least developed countries.

The import exhibition section in this CIEF still adopts the arranging methods in combination of country classification and product classification, mainly exhibiting the industrial products, supplemented with the consumer goods, and nine product districts involving in machinery and equipment, small vehicles and accessories, electronic information and household appliances, hardware tools, building materials and kitchen equipments, raw materials, daily consumer goods, decorations and gifts, and food and agricultural products will be set up.

The top five countries and regions according to the number of exhibitors are: South Korea with 103, China Taiwan with 59, India with 47, Turkey with 41 and Malaysia with 30. And 48 trading delegations will organize about 8, 000 professional buyers to purchase in the import section.

When referring to the new changes in the on-site services at this CIEF, Mu Xinhai said that the in accordance with the direction of Ministry of Commerce in enhancing the comprehensive service level of CIEF, China Foreign Trade Center had done a great deal of innovative work: first, establish the customer service center to provide fast and convenient “one-stop” services for buyers and exhibitors; second, provide corresponding services for VIP buyers at different levels, including business services of green channel for procedures and free-charge foreign VIP lounge, as well as free round-trip air fare and hotel accommodation for VIP; third, provide VIP services for large exhibitors; fourth, invest large sum in building the digital exhibition hall, providing free and convenient wireless Internet service for customers.

This CIEF arranges a total of 13 lines for investment attraction activities, covering 28 countries and regions, publicizing and promoting the CIEF in various forms. The extent, scope and input have broken a record, and four leaders at ministerial level attending eight overseas market promotion meetings personally. The invitations to overseas enterprises reaches 800, 000 in total, and the advertises in various media at home and abroad as well as the airport, railway stations and other transportation hubs have vigorously promoted this CIEF and attracted more and more customers coming for purchase.

This CIEF adopts a new measure for the first time to promote the combination of the domestic and the foreign trades. The Commercial Counselor Wen Zhongliang of the Foreign Trade Dept of MOFCOM introduced that this CIEF would continue to expand the domestic purchasing scale and choose one day in both the second and the third phases as pilots, organizing the domestic large buyers with intention to export such as chain supermarkets and shopping malls to attend the meeting, providing the supply and demand sides with specialized sites for negotiation, and making efforts to obtain better results in docking of domestic and foreign trade.

When introducing China’s macroscopic prospects of foreign trade, Wen Zhongliang said that China’s foreign trade had been seriously affected with the spreading and deepening of financial crisis since the second half of last year. However, the year-on-year decreasing amplitude of imports and exports in March had shown a reduction, and the month-on-month ratio had increased, which indicated some positive signs in foreign trade; this is a result owing to the efforts made by all levels of government and all kinds of enterprises, which would further strengthen our confidence to response the financial crisis. Wen Zhongliang also stressed that when facing the complex and volatile external situation, we could not be blindly optimistic or take it lightly, for more efforts were still needed. At present, the most important task was to make a success of this CIEF, sign more orders, and create opportunities for enterprise in dealing with the financial crisis.

With regard to the forecast of the buyer’s attendance and the export transactions, Wen Zhongliang said that the current financial crisis would inevitably have certain effects on the CIEF, and they had made full preparation. The exhibitions in China had generally suffered a “cold”season, but the CIEF maintained stability in exhibitors amount and exhibiting scales, which proofed that the CIEF was still  the one-stop purchase platform for Chinese products with the best effect and the highest efficient.

Mu Xinhai also expressed his confidence in the attendance and the transactions during the CIEF. He said that the confidence came from three aspects: first, the central government issued a series of supporting and assisting policies since the second half of last year, which was currently taking effect; second, they attached great importance to the investment attracting work and adopted a series of positive measures; third, they enhanced the on-site services to provide a good environment for negotiations and transactions for the participants; all these efforts would offset the adverse effects caused by financial crisis.

More than 110 reporters from over 60 media attended the press conference.


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