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Hunan Participates in the 3rd Central Forum and the 4th ECCPress release
2009/4/27 0:00:00 Source:

Hunan Participates in the 3rd Central Forum and the 4th ECC
Press release

The major activity of Human Province on the 4th ECC is the Promotion Seminar on Equipment Manufacturing and Auto Industry in Central China. The promotion seminar held in Hefei Hongrui Jinling Hotel on the afternoon of Apr. 26, is co-organized by the Organizing Committee of the 4th ECC and the People’s government of Human Province, co-sponsored by the People’s governments of Shanxi, Anhui, Jiangxi, Henan and Hubei, and presented by the Bureau of Commerce of Human Province and the Management Committee of Changsha Economic & Technical Development Zone. There are over 300 attendees, including about 200 guests from countries and regions such as the US, Germany, France, South Korea, Poland, India, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. The special promotion seminar arranged by the Organizing Committee and the promotion of the equipment manufacturing and auto industry are well combined and approaches of demonstration through large electronic screen, playing of feature film and speech and dialogue are used. Zhou Qiang, vice secretary of the CPC Provincial Committee of Hunan and governor of Hunan has addressed a speech on the seminar. Gan Lin, vice governor of the People’s government of Hunan presides over the seminar. Zhou Shijie, deputy director-general of the Department of Mechanic, Electronic and Hi-Tech Industry of the MOFCOM has made an address; Zhu Sendi, executive vice chairman of China Machinery Industry Federation, and Shi Jianhua, deputy secretary-general of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, have delivered speeches. Senior officials from equipment manufacturing and auto industry of the US and Germany as well as Hunan have made a dialogue on development trend and countermeasures of the equipment manufacturing and auto industry under the current situation of financial crisis. Meanwhile, the seminar fully presents the magnificence and charm of the equipment manufacturing and auto industry in central China through a dancing show. Before the seminar, Governor Zhou Qiang met four groups of guests. The first group is the 34-member delegation of the American Chamber of Commerce of PRC led by the chairman Hua Jinsheng; the second group is the 6-member delegation of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy of South Korea led by Lee Dong Kuen; the third group is the 22-member delegation of the US-China Business Council led by Bob Poole, vice president of China Operations; and the fourth group is the 7-member delegation led by Eric Legros, vice president of Carrefour. Meanwhile, Liu Quan, vice director-general of the Bureau of Commerce of Hunan met the 4-member delegation led by Becky Thompson, deputy director of global business for the Arkansas Economic Development Commission, on the afternoon of Apr. 26.

16 projects of Human has been signed in the 4th ECC, among which, there are 5 foreign-invested with USD335mn and 11 domestic-invested projects with RMB6.11bn. Large projects are also included. For example, Taiwan Dingxin Scientific & Technological Co., Ltd will invest USD200mn in Xiangtan Jiuhua Industrial Park to build plants and supporting infrastructure. In the ECC, focusing on its industries with advantages and characteristics, especially equipment manufacturing and auto industry, and with the view to attracting strategic investors and taking industrial transference, Hunan has organized enterprises in the province to participate in the special project matching meeting arranged in the ECC, providing 21 projects and matching 43 items.


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