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History of China Beijing International High-Tech Expo
2002/11/22 0:00:00 Source:China Beijing International High-Tech Expo

Established in 1998 and held annually in Beijing, "China Beijing International High-Tech Industries Week" is the national grand meeting for international communications and cooperation of high-tech industries. As the largest meeting in China's high-tech industries with most extensive international attendance, High-Tech week is a grand comprehensive activity platform for technology achievements exhibitions and trade, linkage of business cooperation opportunities and ideas and information communications. From the Fifth Meeting, the "International Week" is renamed as "China Beijing International High-Tech Expo", in abbreviation: "High-Tech Expo".

"High-Tech Week" was approved by State Council and jointly hosted by Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Information Industry, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the People's Government of Beijing Municipality. Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, China Association for Science and Technology, China Enterprise Confederation, and China Central Television act as its consultants and supporters. It is organized by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Beijing Sub-council.

China Beijing International High-tech Expo (the second session)

From May 20 to 24, 1999, "'99 China Beijing International High-Tech Industries Week" was held in Beijing. From 53 countries and regions, some governmental and professional delegations and over 1,000 world-renowned high-tech entrepreneurs and financiers took part in this grand world event, the largest-scaled of its kind ever held in China.

The "High-Tech Week" featured exhibitions, trade talks, seminars & lectures on specific subjects, and technological tours, fully demonstrating China and world high-tech industries, their development, achievements and prospects while scoring great successes in conducting comprehensive exchanges and technology trading .

On May 19, 1999, Zhu Rongji, Premier of the State Council cordially met some of the overseas guests.

The "'High-Tech Week" was a concrete move to implement the strategy for rejuvenating the country through science and education. It received great attention of the Party and State Leaders, Premier Zhu Rongji cordially net with some of the overseas guests participating in the "High-Tech Week". Li Lanqing, Vice Premier; Zou Jiahua, Wang Guangying, Cheng Siyuan, Buhe, Vice Chairmen of national People's Congress and Li Guixian, Vice Chairman of National Political Consultative Conference visited the "High-Tech Week" exhibition.

The "High-Tech Week" was a joint effort of the central government departments in charge of science & technology and economy & trade, and Beijing Municipal Government to set up the stage in Beijing for the full participation of the whole country. The event represented another major move intended for promoting international exchange of science and technology, and business opportunities, and it was also one of the important steps recently taken by the MOFTEC and Ministry of Science & Technology to revitalize trade through science and technology.

Over 350 Chinese and overseas enterprises and agencies took part in "'99 China Beijing International High-Tech Industries Week Exhibition and Technologies Trade Fair". There were 495 exhibition booths covering an area of 10,000 square meters. Foreign enterprises and foreign enterprises in China occupied 93 of these booths, while domestic enterprises, universities, scientific research academies and institutes took up 402 of them.

The "High-Tech Week" exhibition attracted many diplomatic envoys to China, over 100 foreign commercial associations and foreign agencies in Beijing, representatives from various provinces and cities across china as well as over 80,000 people mainly from high-tech industries.

During the "High-Tech Week", there had been organized 7 economic & trade talks on high-tech projects to attract overseas investment, on the transfer of positive technological results, on projects for overseas investment and on government purchasing projects. Governmental delegations from over 50 countries and regions in the world and 1,000 foreign business people and some 2,000 people from domestic enterprises and organizations held counterpart talks on more than 2,000 projects.

For the first time, the auction of technological achievements was held. 23 enterprises participated in the auction of 26 projects. 16 transactions were concluded with a rate of transaction standing at 60%.

During the "High-Tech Week", 85 Chinese and foreign noted authoritative figures, experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, financiers and representatives of international organizations delivered speeches on the opening policies and prospects of China's high-tech, on high technology and on the experience of the high-tech industrial development, on the integration of finance and high-tech and so on. Of the speakers 63% came from overseas. Over 7,300 persons mostly from related professions attended the seminars or lectures and exchanged views.

China Beijing International High-tech Expo (the third session)

The program of the Third International High-Tech Week offered five major types of activities: high-tech exhibitions, forum presentations, trade talks, and other mass-participation events, including on-line services. A tota1 of over 100 show were organized, With over 200,000 participants, Which indicated the genera trend and the latest advancement of the world's as Well as China's high-technology industry This version featured some characteristics: namely the 1argest scale, richest Program, newest presentations, and highest returns. The event has resounded throughout the country and the world, scoring a tremendous success.

• The exhibitions, covering a total floor space of 28,000 square meters and frequented by throngs of visitors, attracted, from home and abroad, more than 500 exhibitors including multinationals, high-tech companies, science parks, and research institutions.

• There were 55 sessions of forum presentations in 16 subject areas, addressed by business leaders of multinationals, mayors of eight cities, presidents of prestigious univ6rsities, and scholars returned from overseas. The speakers numbered over 190, and 54% of them came from outside the boundaries. Nearly 20,000 professionals from all over the country attended these presentations.

• During the week, nine sessions of trade talks were held, pertaining the importation of technology outward investment, exportation of technology and the attraction of inward investment. Participating in these negotiations were government and business representatives (some 1,000 in all) from scores of countries and regions. More than 4,000 people from 2,000 high-tech firms within the country got involved in these activities.

• For the first time, 20 sessions of exchange activities were organized attracting scores of thousands of participants from within and outside the country These exchange activities covered a wide variety of subjects such as the recruitment of technical personnel, assisting returned overseas scholars to go into business and industry the enforcement of inte1lectual property protection, international exchange of publications and information, and the drive to develop the western region of China.

• The High-Tech Week witnessed the conducing of nearly 700 business deals, netting a total of US$6, 023 billion worth of contracts, agreements and letters of intent for equity and heretic joint ventures, technology trade and commodity transactions. Of this total US 4,460 billion went to high-tech projects, accounting for 74. 1%. The ratio between Central government agencies and other provinces and cities on the one hand and Beijing municipality on the other was 42% and 58%.

China Beijing International High-tech Expo (the forth session)

The Fourth China Beijing International High-Tech industries Week/China Beijing International Science-Tech Expo was held with much ceremony in Beijing on May 10- 15, 2001.

This glitzy affair for high-tech cooperation at the international level designated to take place in Beijing annually and has been held for four consecutive years, is an event of national recognition endorsed by the State Council. The presenters of the program included the P. R. China Ministry of Science and Technology the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Information Industry China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the People's Government of Beijing. China Academy of Sciences, China Academy of Engineering, China Association of Science and Technology, China Enterprise Confederation and China Central Television acted as advisers and supporters. The organizer of the events was Beijing Sub-Council of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade.

The program of events of the 4th "High-Tech Week" was focused on five areas, namely: high- tech exhibitions, forum presentations, trade negotiations, project transactions and Internet activities. A total of over l40 sessions of activities were organized, with participants exceeding 800,000, showing a 3-fold increase as compared with the year 2000.

The 2001 version of the "High-Tech Week" received enthusiastic responses from at home and abroad. Participants in the wide range of activities included over 70 government delegations and trade missions from more than 50 countries and regions and over 2,000 visitors from chambers of commerce and industry investment companies, as well as banks and financial institutions overseas. More than 3,000 guests from international organizations and foreign missions in China and over 5,000 members of official and trade delegations from China's 45 provinces, autonomous regions, cities under direct Jurisdiction of the central government and those specially designated cities with separate planning status.

The floor space of exhibitions during the "High-Tech Week" totaled 100,000 square meters and more, four times as large as that of the previous year. Altogether 2,138 high-tech companies and organizations participated in the various kinds of shows, which were frequented by 530,000 visitors. There were 23 exhibition halls dedicated to such shows as the achievements of key technical projects during the nation's "Ninth Five-year Plan", electronic communication development, Internet and wide-band application, biological medicine, energy and environmental protection, modern agriculture, aeronautical and aerospace technology technical publications and information media.

As many as 25 subject forums in six categories were staged, which were presented in 95 sessions. More than 400 persons inc1uding renowned experts, scholars, businessmen and bankers, Chinese and foreign, made presentations on hot issues in the fields of high-tech and economic development. They touched on such subjects as high-tech and financing, WTO and international cooperation, consulting on and management of high-tech enterprises, the development of science parks, environmental protection, the application of wide-band multimedia technology, 3G development, incubators for high-tech companies as well as intellectual property rights protection. These forum presentations drew massive audiences from at home and abroad numbering nearly 40,000.

Trade talks were organized too, running a total of 14 sessions. The negotiations covered tens of thousands of items, involving transactions of high-tech research achievements, import and export of technologies, economic and technical cooperation, and international investment, procurement for the United Nations projects, government procurement, and the auction of R & D accomplishments. Taking part in the negotiation sessions were government delegations and trade missions from dozens of foreign countries, more than a thousand businessmen from abroad and over 4,000 people from high-tech industries domestically.
The meeting of the International Business Leaders Advisory Council for the Mayor of Beijing was held during the "High-Tech Week". Other important events included the Summit of China's Public Companies, the Seminar on the Development and Utilization of Human Resources, the public attendance of the court trial of a case on intellectual property rights, the movie show of technical commercials, activities to popularize science and technology and science theme tours. These exchange activities, running a total of 20 sessions at both domestic and international levels, drew a total of some 200,000 attendees. They helped to extend the scope of the "High-Tech Week" from trade and technology exchanges to extensive social activities with a high-tech focus.

According to incomplete statistics, the 4th "High-Tech Week" witnessed the signature of 823 agreements, worth a total of US$ 7.922 billion, increasing by 31.52% over last year. Of this total 93.6% was investment to the value of US$ 7.418 billion, in which foreign investment accounted for 84.73%, valued at US$6.285 billion. The investment in high-tech projects was valued at US$ 4.074 billion, taking up 54.92% of the investment total. There were 147 projects from Beijing and 676 projects from other provinces and cities, involving a total of US$ 3.193 billion. The ratio of projects from other provinces and cities increased from 34.42% last year to 43.05%.


China Beijing International High-tech Expo (the fifth session)

The 5th China Beijing International Hi-tech Expo/China Beijing International High-tech Industries Week was held in grand style in Beijing May 23-28,2002.

The 2002 version of the High-tech Expo was the first of its kind after China' success in gaining accession to the WTO and in bidding to host the Olympic Games in 2008.

International delegations from the United Nations and the European Union, and 72 government and trade missions from 68 countries and regions as well as over 5,000 external guests and visitors attended the event. Domestic participants included some 50,000 representatives of official and business delegations from 35 provinces, autonomous regions, cities under the direct jurisdiction of the Central Government and cities with separate planning status.

The total floor area covered by the exhibitions in the "High-tech Expo" week exceeded 100,000 square meters with 2545 Chinese and foreign exhibitors, increasing nearly 20 percent over the previous year; visitors to the exhibitions numbered 500,000.

During the "High-tech Expo" a total of 83 sessions of thematic forums were held under the headings of the WTO, the Olympic Games, and Science and Technology, touching on such subjects as "Hi-tech and Education", "Hi-tech and Finance", "Hi-tech and Business" and "Hi-tech and Development". As many as 416 guest speakers of government dignitaries, officials of international organizations, world-renowned scientists, and experts from business and financial circles made presentations, Members of the audiences and discussions numbered more than 20,000.

The "High-tech Expo" presented 10 sessions of trade talks on commercial and technical projects, involving technology import inward investment, government procurement, transformation of outdated enterprises, innovation of small and medium enterprises and dissemination of agricultural technologies. Participating in the negotiations were thousands of hi-tech representatives of government and business delegations from dozens of countries as well as their Chinese counterparts from the various provinces, cities and autonomous regions numbering over 40,000 all told.

More than a dozen sessions of large-scale exchange activities, international and domestic, were organized during the "High-tech Expo" period, including the World Invention Congress, the International Conference on Environmental Protection and the International Business Leaders' Advisory Council for the Mayor of Beijing.

The "High-tech Expo" closed with the conclusion of 397 agreements and contracts to the worth of US$ 7.35 billion. Of this total 337 projects were of the investment type, valued at $ &.12 billion, accounting for 96.9% of the total. In the investment projects the value of hi-tech projects reached $4.41 billion, making up 62%. Beijing city alone nett3ed 133 projects, amounting to 5.7 billion making up 77.5% while the other 264 projects went to the other parts of the country, valued at $16.5 billion, accounting for 22.5.

China Beijing International High-tech Expo (the Sixth session)

1. After SARS outbreak, coordinated social and economic development has become an added theme of the present Expo. Under this theme, "Promotional activities of Beijing's key projects for urban development" were introduced for the first time. New results in science and technology and public health system in fight against SARS were on display.

2. Though the total floor space of the exhibitions is somewhat smaller than the original plan, Yet the quality of the present Expo is higher than the previous ones. Exhibited at the special exhibitions were displayed the latest technologies and their industrialized results with high high-tech content and conveying the forefront scientific & technological information and close relations to social life, and the visitors can find out their important role in transforming traditional industries, promoting modern manufacturing and in the application of public life, urban construction and social development.

3. The scientific & technological projects are greater in number and scope focusing on joint cooperation between internet and domestic; science & technology and industry; science & technology and finance. Apart from the singing of contracts, lots f enterprises and institutions have found their new collaborators for trade and investment opportunities.

4. Centering around the hot topics of the development of high-tech industries, the seminar and symposiums are of high level, the forefront scientific & technological information and guiding nature. They have attracted the most of government officials business leaders and experts. Most the forums and symposiums are house full.

5. The Expo has won unprecedented response and support from across the country. There are 31 provincial, regional and municipal delegations participating in the Expo including Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions and 25 government leaders at provincial level.


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