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High-level Forum of China Energy Stratagem
2007/5/23 0:00:00 Source:CHITEC 2007

The High-level Forum of China Energy Stratagem will be held in planning from 25, May to 26, May 2007. the coal industry summit conference, electric power industry summit conference, new energy summit conference, energy saving summit conference and energy investment summit conference will be held in the forum according to speciality. The firstly established special performance of new energy, which attracts much attention, will carry out the international discussion on the exploration and use of new energy such as recycling energy and make suggestion for the state energy stratagem.

Energy is an important stratagem which has close connection with the economy development, society stabilization and state safeguards. The energy stratagem high-level forum has been held successfully twice in succession since 2005, which invited more than 2000 person-time including high-level officers of energy organization, expert scholars and decision-making delegates of enterprises to discuss about some focuses of the domain of energy and attracted extensive attention.

The reproducible energy law of the people’s republic of china issued on 28, Feb 2005 pointed that state must rank the reproducible energy in the preferential domain of the development of energy and establish the gross aim and take corresponding measures to promote the foundation and development of the reproducible energy market. State encourages every kind of economic main body to explore and use the reproducible energy and protect the legal rights of them.

Great achievements as well as many problems have appeared since two years ago. Aiming at the development situation of new energy, the first subject of new energy summit conference will center on the discussion of the development of reproducible energy and state support, the exploitation of biology capacity, the exploitation and use of mellow and aether fuel and the continuable development of petroleum, at the same time will introduce the up to date achievements and parse the industry policy and explore the developing road of new energy industry.

Some authorities of delegation of European-union committee, Commission of Development and Reform and Energy Sources Leading Group Office and many famous experts, scholars and enterprisers will participate in the forum to discuss the topic.

The forum is sponsored by Academy of China Electrical Engineering, Association of China Coal Industry, Association of China energy saving, Science and Technology Development Promotion Center of Ministry of Construction, Chemical Industry Information Center and supported by state security product supervisory and regulatory general bureau.


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