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cifit minhou 15 is expected to sign foreign investment 462 600 000
2010/9/8 0:00:00 Source:

6 minhou county's foreign trade from the bureau, this year's "9.8" is expected to sign the fair minhou 15 foreign investment projects, total investment of 462.6 million u.s. dollars, 231.81 million u.s. dollars foreign capital; is expected to sign the 13 domestic investment projects, investment total amount of 3.127 billion yuan, more than last year's signing the results.


the project is expected to contract this year, showed several features. first, many large projects. more than 10 million u.s. dollars project 6, a total investment of 439.35 million u.s. dollars, 210.65 million u.s. dollars foreign capital. total investment last year, "9.8" 10 million u.s. dollars cifit up 11.19% over the project. second, single investment over last year. the average individual foreign investment projects signed investment 30.84 million u.s. dollars, up more than doubled last year. third, project implementation. project contracts signed this year, nine, accounting for 60% of the total, total amount of 388.7 million u.s. dollars investment, foreign investment 157.91 million u.s. dollars, up 99.85 percent respectively over last year and 40.99 percent. fourth, high technology contracting projects. contracted projects involved in the led panel, automobile instrument panel, wiring harness, wafer, multi-functional green stone, high-temperature materials and other high-tech fields. high-tech foreign investment projects involving eight, six domestic projects. polarization functions with led backlight panel tv ultra-thin deep black projects a total investment of 92.82 million u.s. dollars, foreign investment 35 million u.s. dollars, mainly produce more than 24 inches to 80 inches of new led backlight tv and 3d ultra-thin tv super deep black level panel. the project settled in minhou, will make up minhou in led slim, energy-saving tv production gap.

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