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Buyer Attendance and Turnover of Phase Ⅱ of the 107th Session of the Canton Fair Maintain
2010/5/5 0:00:00 Source:www.fdi.gov.cn

Phase Ⅱ of the 107th session of China Import and Export Fair concluded on April 27th, 2010. According to the spokesman, Mr. Chen Chaoren, Deputy Secretary General of the Canton Fair, buyer attendance and turnover maintained the momentum of recovery growth compared with that of Phase Ⅱ of the 106th session(here and below). From April 23rd to 27th, the buyer attendance reached 58,099, up 1.7%, and the turnover hit USD 8.46 billion, with an increase of 2.1%.

According to the statistics, the buyer attendance in Phase Ⅱ from Oceania, America,Asia, and Africa increased to 2316, 9022, 32841, and 2737, up by 30%, 15.2%, 4.7%, 8.2% respectively, while the buyer attendance from Europe slumped to 11183, down by 17.9%.

In terms of turnover, Phase Ⅱ maintained the recovery momentum as phase Ⅰ. The turnover of light industial products increased by 3.8% to USD 7.59 billion, accounting for 89.8% of the total of Phase Ⅱ. Other categories with highest turnover are: Ceramics, USD 1.32 billion, maintained the same level as that of last session; Furnishing and fittings, USD 930 million, down 6.7%; Daily Used Goods, USD 850 million, up 1.6%. The turnover of Brand Zone of Phase Ⅱ decreased by 1.8% to USD 1.34 billion, accounting for 15.8% of the total.

Private enterprises achieved the turnover of USD 5.49 billion, and state-owned enterprises USD 1.53 billion, accounting for 64.9% and 18.1% of the total, increased by 4.8% and 2.3% respectively. Foreign-funded enterprises had the turnover of USD 1.44 billion, accounting for 17% of the total, down 7.2%.

The top three trade delegations with the highest turnover are: Guangdong, USD 1.75 billon, Zhejiang, USD 1.16 billion, and Jiangsu, USD 730 million.

According to Mr.Chen Chaoren, the turnover of the first two phases accumulated to USD 25.56 billion, up 7.1% over USD 23.87 billion achieved at the 106th session of the Canton Fair, and the buyer attendance increased by 8.9% to 166,267.

The site visits to the Canton Fair’s official website accumulated to 89.344 million times, up 4.4%, and intended turnover online reached USD 34.78 million, with an increase of 9.6% than that in the 106th Canton Fair.

According to Mr. Chaoren Chen, exhibitors of Phase Ⅱ held that the Canton Fair enjoyed great popularity, and buyers from countries and regions with potential emerging markets have shown stronger desire to purchase. They are optimistic about the recovery prospects of the international market. However, exhibitors still felt anxious about such problems as RMB exchange rate, the sustainability of relevant policies and increasing costs. Therefore, short-term contracts were more than long-term ones. Mr. Chen Chaoren pointed out that, affected by Iceland volcanic eruptions, buyer attendance from EU in Phase Ⅱ dropped by 23.6%, and the turnover with EU also decreased. Besides, turnover with the United States and Middle East went down to a greater or lesser extent, which reflected that many instabilities still exist in the recovery process of some key international markets, so we should be sober minded and not too optimistic.

Phase Ⅲ will be held in the Canton Fair Complex from May 1st to 5th. The products will be classified into 5 categories of Textiles & Garments, Shoes, Office Supplies, Cases & Bags, and Recreation Products, Medicines, Medical Devices and Health Products, Food & Native Produce, and the products will be shown in 17 exhibition sections.


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