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Brief on the 107th Session of China Imort and Export Fair
2010/4/20 0:00:00 Source:Chinese Export Commodities Fair

Brief on the 107th Session of China Imort and Export Fair
Chen Chaoren
Spokesman of the Canton Fair
Deputy Director General of China Foreign Trade Centre

Guangzhou,  April 14, 2010

Friends from the Press, ladies and gentlemen,

Good morning!
Welcome to the Press Conference for the Opening of the 107th session of China Import and Export Fair.

After almost half a year of intense preparation, all preparatory work has been completed. The Fair will curtain up tomorrow. On March 19th and 25th, we held neworking events with the Press in Beijing and Guangzhou respectively, informing the main state and local media of the progress of the Canton Fair preparations. Now there have been clear signs of world economic recovery, increasing confidence of exhibitors and active pacitipation of buyers. These affirm our optimistic perspective of this session of the Canton Fair. In accordance with the principle of "Consolidating, Perfecting and Enhancing the Canton Fair", we will live up to expectations of all parties, carry forward the Fair’s fine tradition of "benefiting friends from all over the world" and make contributions to keeping the momentum of the steady recovery of the Chinese economy and achieving the goal of "expanding the market, adjusting the structure and promoting the balance "of this year's foreign trade.

Now, please allow me to introduce the main preparation for the 107th session of the China Import and Export Fair.

Firstly,  while the overall pattern of the exhibition keeps stable, the scale hits a historical high.

The 107th session of the Canton Fair will be held in 3 phase as usual. There will be 56,915 stands, nearly 1,000 more than last session. The total exhibition area will reach 1.13 million square meters. Compared to the last session, the number of exhibitors from home and abroad totals 23,359, increasing by 1,039. Both of the exhibition scale and the number of exhibitors hit a historical high.

National Pavilion:

Exhibits of the National Pavilion will be classified into 15 categories and shown into 50 specialized exhibition sections. There are 56,302 stands with a total exhibition area of 1.115 million sqm. 22,960 Chinese exhibitors will pacitipate in the Fair, increased by 1,026 than the last session. Among them, 8,241 exhibitors will engage in Phase 1, 6,884 in Phase 2, 7,835 in Phase 3.

The exhibitors will be classified by their business type. There are 11,936 manufacturers, 8,578 foreign trade enterprises, 2,238 industry and trade companies and 195 other companies, accounting for 52%, 37%, 10% and 1% respectively. There are also 13 research institutes.

By the nature of business, there are 14,150 private companies, 4,415 foreign-funded enterprises, 2,208 state-owned enterprises, 351 collective enterprises and 1,836 other enterprises, accounting for 62%, 19%, 10%, 2%, and 8% respectively.

Brand Gallery of the Canton Fair serves as an important platform to encourage and lead the enterprises to change the mode of foreign trade development. To further optimize the structure of export products and promote the transformation of foreign trade enterprises, we will re-launch the assessment of exhibitors and the arrangement of the Brand Gallery at this session. We make moderate expansion of the Brand Gallery. It accomodates 10,447 stands totally, taking up 18.6% of the total stands. There are 1,442 enterprises in the Gallery, 77 more than that of the last session.

International pavilion:

There have been some adjustments in terms of exhibitor and buyer recruitment for the International Pavilion this session. On recruiting exhibitors, China Foreign Trade Centre (CFTC) authorizes a general agent to recruit exhibitors worldwide for the first time and examines paticipants’ qualifications strictly. On inviting buyers, the mode of domestic buyers' invitation is shifted to direct invitation by CFTC, and supplemented by nominated invitation by exhibitors of the International Pavilion.

The International Pavilion is in exhibitioon Hall 9.3 and 10.3 of Area B, with a total exhibition area of 15,000㎡, accommodating 613 standard stands. 399 enterprises from 27 countries and regions participated in the Inpernational Pavilion, including 8 enterprises from 4 least-developed countries. There are 8 national and regional exhibition sections. In this session, the International Pavilion still adopts the exhibition mode that features both industry specialization and national/regional exhibiton sections. The exhibits mainly focus on industrial goods, while supplemented by consumer goods. There are 9 sub-sections, namely, machinery, vehicles& spare parts, electronics& household electrical appliances,hardware& tools, building materials and kitchen appliance, raw materials, daily products, home decorations, gifts and food& native produce.

The top 5 countries or regions with the biggest number of exhibitors are as follows: South Korea, with 142 exhibiting enterprises, Taiwan Provice,61, India,47, Turkey,36, and Malysia, 32.

In terms of products, the top 5 industries are: electronics and IT products with 101 exhibitors, consumer goods,89, building and kitchen appliance, 58, hardware& tools, 45, home decoration and gifts, 36.

Secondly, the total amount of buyer's invitation increased and buyer's attendance expected to be stronger continuously.

The quantity and quality of buyers reflects the Canton Fair's core competitiveness. We have further strenthened buyer invitation and expanded invitation range at this session. Efforts have been made to improve the quality of buyers and continue to adopt real name invitation.  860,000 invitaions have been sent , 2% more compared to those of the last session. There are more than 11,000 customers applying for invitation through Buyer E-Service Tool on the Canton Fair official website.

We have strengthened promotion campaign with elaborated program for this session.. With the theme of "Canton Fair ---the best choice in the recovery of world economy", we further expand Canton Fair’s radiation force and influence through advertisements, websites, roadshows, exhibitions, etc. 12 promotion teams have been sent abroad to 28 countries and regions, and 145 promotional activities have been organized. We also signs Agreement of Cooperation with 9 overseas commercial and industrial organizations. Overseas buyers show strong interest in coming to the Fair.

Although there are still many uncertainties, compared with the last session, the economic enviornment at home and abroad is generally favorable for the 107th session of the Canton Fair. Buyer attendance is expected to keep rising as it did at the last session.

Thirdly, The Combination Mode of Import and Export being appropriately adjusted to improve the effect.

In order to implement Premier Wen Jiabao's instruction that "Canton Fair should combine the domestic and overseas demand", the Canton Fair will continue to facilitate export enterprises to explore the domestic market and broaden the sourcing channels for enterprises engaging in domestic trade in an appropriately adjusted manner. Instead of setting up the Domestic sourcing center, we will continue to put special signs on the stands of thoese exporting enterprises who are willing to sell products in domestic market so that domestic trading enterprises can come for on-site negotiations. Qualified domestic buyers can also have access to these exhibitors.

Fourthly,persisting in the principle of "People-oriented"and optimizing exhibition services.

Services are the foundation and essence of holding an exhibiton. Based upon information and feasible suggestions collected from studies and reserches in all fields, we perfect Canton Fair’s services in an all round way, among which, priority will be given to enhangcing security protection and transportation management,improving IPR protection and optimizing E-commerce application at the Canton Fair.

During the Canton Fair, hundreds of thousands of exhibitors and buyers gather together. Heavier traffics pose great challenges and higher requirements for the security protection than ever before,especially at the time when the 2010 Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games are approaching. The security department of the Canton Fair has worked out a comprehensive work programme and contingency plan on sedurity protection,which is committed to improving the levels of security hardwares and softwares,and actively cooperating with the transport police to ensure the smooth flow of traffic.

In order to effectively publicize the IPR protection,the Canton Fair further revises and upgrades the Measures for Complaints and settlements of Infringments of Intellectual Property Rights. CFTC will be in charge of the complaining station for IPR again from this session on.

The 107th session of the Canton Fair will launch its revised website,which will optimize the "Online Canton Fair "to be a comprehensive network service platform combining information services,exhibition operations and E-commerce services. It will integrate the digital navigation system of the complex,improve the cyber security and the stability of wireless network, and further optimize the function of E-commerce application.

In addition, the Canton Fair has seen adjustments and improvements in terms of exhibition on-site services, tailored services for exhibitors and buyers, catering services, qulification authentication and on-site exhibition management of contractors of costume-built stands and etc. 11 multinationals from France, America, Denmark, Finland, Japan and New Zealand participate in the Multinational Sourcing Service of the Canton Fair.

Main activities for the 107th Session of Canton Fair are as follows:

On the evening of April, 14th, the Opening Reception of the 107th session of China Import and Export Fair themed ”Thrilling Asian Games and Thriving Guangzhou” will be held in the Shangri-la Hotel;

CFTC and the Guangdong Governmental Office of Intellectual Property Conference will jointly host the "Release Ceremony for 2010 IPR Promotion Week for Guangdong Province and Promotion for World Intellectual Property Day" on April 18th .

In this session, the Canton Fair will continue to hold a series of Symposiums on "Canton Fair-A Way to Chinese and Overseas Markets". "Trade and Investment in Singapore" and " Quality Products + Intellectual Property = Success in Australia" will be held respectively on April 17th .

Hasing been nurtured for two sessions, the Enterprise and Brand Show has initially gained favorable results. The Canton Fair will continue to hold the Enterprise and Brand Show at this session, which will be located in the central platform of the complex.

Welcome to cover the Canton fair.
Thank you!


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